In addition to Areca leaf products, we also have ply corrugated boxes, solid board boxes, flexible packaging boxes and ridged container packing boxes among others to suit the needs of our customers. These boxes have high tensile strength, are completely eco-friendly, bio-degradable, can hold liquid for 3-4 hours and can be easily be molded into different shapes and sizes.

Some of the products that form a part of our portfolio include:

leaf plates

Natural leaf material

Most people prefer natural leaf plates as they believe them to be more hygienic as compared to other products available in the category. 
This product is fast gaining popularity in the urban markets. 
This can especially be used on festive occasions and marriage functions to serve food.  

Corrugated boxes

The Corrugated boxes that we produce are graphically appealing, cost-effective and protective. For packing foodstuff, the corrugated boxes manufactured by us, using the corrugated board is the cleanest solution.  

corrugated boxes
solid boxes

Solid boxes

Solid boxes are made, using recyclable material which can be recycled after use. It is easy to print on, thereby, enabling branding the packaging to your specification.  Besides, these boxes are easy to assemble. 

Customized product

Customized products help in branding as well as boosting sales.  When you offer customized products to your customers, there is a potentially big value attached to it. So do not wait, order now from a host of customized products available with us and increase not only your sales but also your Brand value. 

customised product
duplex board

Duplex board

The duplex board produced by us are tough yet thin. Unlike the corrugated cardboard, they can take on bright white appearance.  They are commonly used to manufacture boxes for a variety of small goods. If you are already into production of small goods, then don’t wait, order them now!

Party products

Planning a party is simple with our range of products. We offer you the best selection of party supplies for you to buy. Our low prices will help you throw a memorable party without breaking the bank.

party products
Foil Laminated paper

 Foil Laminated Paper

Foil Laminated Paper is ideal for printing, packaging and displays.  We offer paper as well as foil laminates in various paper and foil combination. These can be used for various purposes including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pouches for food industry
  • Pouches for powder and oral re-hydration salts

These can be customized to your requirements. 

Food Packing Aluminium Containers

High-quality aluminium foil is used to make food packing aluminium containers. These containers are recyclable, safe, convenient and eco-friendly. These containers have a great demand as they can be used for refrigeration, keeping the food fresh, baking and roasting.


Poly Coated Paper

We manufacture superior quality laminated poly coated paper by using state-of-the-art technology. These include sheets and poly coated rolls. This product is widely used to meet the packaging requirement of toiletries cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. This product has gained popularity for its characteristics of preserving the fragrance of products packed. Besides, fine quality printing on the surface makes it appealing. It is also durable and water resistant.

Blister packing

We offer blister packaging - the major component of a blister pack is pocket or cavity which is made from the formable web. It is the most common form of contemporary retail packaging. For lidding, plastic is used and for backing either paperboard or aluminium seal is used. If you believe that blister packaging can be the right solution for your business, we can assist you in developing the best possible outcome based on your requirements.

blister packing