Paper Products

Paper products are considered to be one of the safest and most eco-friendly products. Reason being, they are one of the very few truly renewable products that contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. Also, they are not just bio-degradable but also beautiful and strong with varied applications.

Some of the products that form a part of our portfolio include:

leaf plates

Leaf Plates

Colourful leaf paper plates help create charming ambience for the best dining in celebration. These plates are disposable and are constructed using sturdy strength board stock material. Our exceptional quality is sure to astonish you. 

Disposable Paper Plates

We make plates using heavy weight recyclable cardboard.  They help add style to a gathering, and are lightweight and eco-friendly.



We also produce eco-friendly paper cups. Ever since our inception, we have kept our focus on quality and customer satisfaction.  Through our innovative designs and superior craftsmanship, we constantly explore to add new products to our product portfolio. 

Paper wares

Finding the right paper plates, food trays and napkins has never been easy but with our paper ware product range, you can get exactly what you want.  You can order our paper wares for any celebration or occasion or even for your restaurant, hotel or your food kiosk.

paper wares
paper napkins

Paper Napkins

No matter when and where you host your event or party, you definitely need paper napkins with food and drinks. Based on the theme of your party, you can select floral, bright, plain or patterned paper napkins from our range.